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    Well, it was different. Maybe it was the weather or maybe it's the internet. There seemed to be a lot fewer people wandering the swap meet area this year and no one I spoke to had a lot of good things to say.

    I sold, or gave away, a few items this year, but that wasn't why I was there. Caught up with some old friends, made a few new ones and generally had a good time. I didn't walk around as much this year as I have in the past, my left foot is still bothering me a bit and when I walk around a lot it really gets to hurting. My boys walked the whole thing and snagged a few deals, they got someone to split 3 sets of big block motor mounts and bought 3 of the same side to make pairs for my buddy. I've yet to figure out why someone would do that.

    I brought home a few items; 4 Holley carbs, a 750 from a motorhome, a 650 double pumper, a 650 single inlet and a 600 all for $100 I figured for that price they can sit until I need one. I grabbed a good TQ, a spool mount slant 6 K frame, the piece that mounts under the grille for a '70-2 Duster for my son's car and some fabricated aluminum valve covers, they were used for mock up purposes only. I'll use the K frame for my Valiant, temporarily at least, along with the 7-1/4 rear from the '74 Duster I picked up for my son. I also bought a beautiful pair of '70-1 Duster tail lights, I don't really know why. I also grabbed a set of TRW 2293 pistons with rods, I'm not sure if they're used or not, but for free.

    Doc, I became friends with the guy I bought your rail from and he's bringing me a left door for my car next year, I'm in no hurry. I may have found a grille, possibly a (4 door) parts car, I'll know more soon.

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    Everything went great on the trip up and back until about 400 miles from home I caught someone's safety chain hook in in the left rear tire of my truck and I beat the hell out of the sidewall of the tire getting off the highway to a safe place to change it. I absolutely refuse to change a tire on the highway, ever, but the rim is fine. And, which I still haven't checked yet, as I turned the last corner to get home I got a strong smell of diesel. After I back the trailer into place and disconnect, I popped the hood and diesel fuel is spraying from somewhere so the engine, underside of the hood, down the entire left side of the truck and tailgate are completely coated. It does have a nice satin sheen though.

    I'll check it this weekend.

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    I still can't believe what happened to your injection pump. I can believe even less you were so lucky as to have it happen mere blocks from home. Someone upstairs likes you!
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    I know it was a blessing. 3,7XX mile round trip and less than a 1/4 from home it gives up.

    Upgrade time. As parts fail I'll upgrade, the throwout bearing failure got me a ceramic clutch.

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    It's finally back together, I ordered a "Stage 1" from Copperhead Performance. It's supposed to be approximately 19% over stock, I'll give it a day or 2 and turn the tuner back up to kill just to see if there is any difference on the butt dyno.

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